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“In the fashion world, I am an outsider. It’s hard, but I get drawn to other outsiders and this makes me the happiest.  The fashion industry itself sucks.  It generally preys on people - demanding they conform to what the industry wants to sell.  That’s simply wrong.  People can look good and feel good by discovering for themselves what works for their personality and body - and I enjoy helping them to discover!”



Good colour analysis techniques are the foundation of all visual art including the great creative painters and fashion designers.  When carried out properly, it is an art form in itself – which is why it has been essential learning in fashion design for a long time. 


Another key lesson is that for someone to look good naturally, their image and style must point to them, not just their clothes.


It is not a failure of fashion designers, but a failure of clothing mass production that suggests we can all wear their whole range of limited colours and cuts, and look equally good.  Clearly, this is untrue.  Colours and cuts that don’t complement your natural tones and figure will hide your best features. The focus will then be pointed to the clothes and you will fade.


A proper colour and style analysis, conducted by a professional, identifies your natural tones and figure and matches them with the right colours and shades that bring you and your wardrobe together in the best possible way; helping you create the masterpiece - that is you - every day.

When you choose your colours wisely, your clothes will no longer walk into the room first, they will harmonise with you to make your face and eyes stand out and create a lasting impression on those you meet.


Sustainable - Bespoke

Redesign - Styling - Textile Design

Avant Garde - Pattern Cutting


Painting - Illustrations

Mixed Media - Pattern Design

Graphics - Workshops

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