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Elli Pihl, +47 41445904, Vestfold, Norway

Elli Pihl, is a fashion designer, visual artist and teacher in the same field. She feels that all three are equally important to achieve the best results in both personal styling and in fashion designing.

Elisabeth has a bachelor degree in fashion design from both Italy and England. She continued as a fashion designer and brand manager in London for 3 years after her studies before she decided to go back to her roots in Denmark and Norway. In January 2013 she completed her education as a stylist and she continues to learn; gathering all the information and tools to make the experience as easy, meaningful and unique for her customers.


Just got my brochure printed!!! Lots of

If you see this image then your flash is not running. Run to see inside

Take a look in my brochure:

(make sure to run flash)

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